The Greatest Showman: Never Enough

Listen to this song from the movie The Greatest Showman. Imagine that the singer is God and listen to the words that God is singing to you through this song:

Which words in the first part of the song reveal to us what the song is about?

  • “Take my hand. Won’t you share this with me? Because darling without you…”
  • The song is saying that without the loving presence of a certain special person, nothing in the universe will satisfy the deep longing in the singer’s heart.

When we imagine God as the singer, singing to each of us, what is He saying?

  • God wants to take our hand, like a gentleman, and share this life with us.
  • For some reason that we humans find really hard to believe, God is crazy in love with us.
  • Even though God can have the shine of a thousand spotlights, and He can really steal all the stars from the sky, and His hands can truly hold the world, it is all still not enough for Him*.
  • None of that other stuff is enough for God. He desires our love! He can’t wait to share His life with us and have us share our life with Him.
  • Nothing in the universe is enough for God compared to your love for Him.

*Theologically, God is sufficient unto Himself and doesn’t need anything. However, in some mysterious way, He does rejoice in our love and sorrows at our rejection of Him.

If you’d like, you can buy The Greatest Showman. To learn more about the deeper meaning of this movie, check out this excellent blog post from my daughter Madeleine.