Amazing Ways Creatures Can Hide Themselves

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Why was the lady so surprised?

  • The candy wrapper and the paper definitely looked like trash.
  • It seemed impossible that the trash was really a camouflaged butterfly and a bird.

To try to trick the woman, Michael said that the animals had 'evolved' to be able to camouflage themselves like trash. Do you know what evolution is?

  • Evolution is a theory that says living creatures change over time, and those with the best changes (adaptations) are the ones that survive and flourish.
  • There is evidence that some things may very well have evolved.
  • There is also evidence that some things have precise interdependent parts that could not have evolved over time (the theory of irreducible complexity).
  • That said, we don’t have examples in our short lifetime of creatures evolving so quickly that all of sudden birds or butterflies become shape shifters!

Is God smart enough and powerful enough to make animals that could eventually camouflage themselves as trash?

  • Yes! God could totally do that.
  • God made man out of the dirt of the earth and His breath.
  • So, God is certainly intelligent enough and powerful enough to create something that could change its shape or appearance from one thing to another.
  • After the resurrection, Jesus walked to Emmaus with two of his own disciples and veiled His own appearance so that they did not recognize Him until He broke bread with them.