Prank: Human Zoo

(View segment from 0 to 1:34)
Why were the people caught in the cage so frustrated with the tourist taking pictures of them?

  • Because the tourists should have known that people don’t belong in cages as part of a zoo!

In the order of creation, are people higher than gorillas?

  • Yes!

Why was it silly at the end to have gorillas walk up with the keys?

  • Gorillas are usually the ones in the cage, and people are the ones with the keys!
  • Gorillas may be smart, but they can’t make cages and keys or anything as complicated as humans can make.

There is one aspect of human intelligence shown here that really sets us apart from the rest of creation. Do you know what it is? (It has to do with laughter)

  • Humor!
  • The fact that we understand jokes and make them reveals that man’s nature is above the animals and closer to God’s Divine intelligence.
  • Humor reveals God’s creativity.