A Woodpecker’s Amazing Design

(View segment from :08 to 5:18)
What are some of the special characteristics of a woodpecker?

  • An industrial-strength beak.
  • Two toes in front and two in the back for better maneuvering up and down a tree trunk.
  • Special tail feathers that are spongy and tough.
  • A shock absorber between its beak and its skull.
  • The thickest skull (by body weight) of any creature.
  • A tongue that is as long as 10 inches, with a barbed tip.
  • A glue factory on its tongue to help stick to bugs.
  • A solvent that dissolves the glue when the bug is in its beak.
  • Fast reflexes to open and close its eyes between each peck.

What can we learn about God through His creature the woodpecker?

  • That He masterfully planned every detail of creation.
  • He loves to delight us with amazing works.
  • He must really love us to put on such a fantastic show for us to see through all of creation.