Daniel Tammet’s Incredible Intellect

Part 1 (View segment from 0 to 7:37)
Part 2 (View segment from 0 to 4:19)
What are some of Daniel's intellectual abilities?

  • He can quickly multiply large numbers in his head.
  • He perfectly memorized 22,500 numbers in order after having read through the list only once.
  • He knows 9 languages and picked up the complicated Icelandic language in 1 week!

What do you think God wants to teach us through Daniel's intelligence?

  • First of all, God wants us to be delighted by Daniel’s intelligence.
  • Then, through Daniel, God wants us to discover a piece of God’s own intelligence.
  • God wants us to realize that the spark of intelligence in each of us (some have more, some have less) is a sharing in God’s perfect intelligence.

Some additional facts about Daniel and his limitations:

  • He has autism, a disorder characterized by troubles with social interaction and communication and by restricted and repetitive behavior.
  • He had difficulty making friends and using humor.
  • He can’t drive a car.

If God is so smart, why do you think He gives various gifts and limitations to each person?

  • Our gifts give us the opportunity to help and love other people.
  • Our limitations cause us to need to receive help and love.
  • So, God designed our gifts and limitations to teach us to love and be loved.
  • Loving God and others and being loved is our highest possible happiness.