A Savant Hands-on Artist

How quickly could Alonzo sculpt an animal?

  • He sculpted the horse in 15 minutes!

If Alonzo could quickly sculpt an animal, do you think God could quickly make a human out of the dust of the earth?

  • Sure! It would be easy for God!

What are some of the good fruits that come for Alonzo, his assistant Nancy, and for the world as a result of his ability?

  • Alonzo’s ability brings joy to him and beauty into the world.
  • His ability inspires awe and wonder in us and shows the spark of God’s creative brilliance.
  • Alonzo’s abilities also caused his assistant Nancy to grow in love and appreciation for him.

Alonzo's disability causes him to need help. What good fruit does that need bring to him and his assistant Nancy?

  • In God’s brilliance, Alonzo’s disabilities caused his assistant Nancy to work closely with him and grow in love and appreciation for him.
  • God used his disability to inspire Nancy’s love for Alonzo which helps him to grow and flourish.