Magnus Carlsen and His Incredible Intellect

(View Segment from 0 to 4:22)
How many chess games does Magnus have memorized?

  • He has over 10,000 games memorized.

What do you think God wants to teach us through Magnus's intelligence?

  • God wants us to be amazed by it.
  • God wants us to realize that God’s intelligence must be so much greater.
  • God wants us to think about why He gave us intelligence in the first place.

If God gave us intellect and will so that we can love Him and others, did this video show us how Magnus's intellect is helping him to love?

  • No. His intellect is phenomenal, but we don’t know how, or whether or not, it is leading him to love God and others.

If Magnus doesn't use his great intellect to love God and others, will he be happy and fulfilled?

  • No!
  • He may experience pleasure and comfort through his intellect serving himself, but he won’t experience peace, true joy or fulfillment.
  • Peace, love, joy and fulfillment only come from God through loving and serving Him and others.