Lauren Daigle: Loyal (Revisited)

Listen as if God is the one singing to you about your loyalty to Him. Some of the lyrics don’t work, but most do, and God wants to sing this about you!

What does God want to say to you about your loyal love for Him?

  • You will never let Him go.
  • He is forever safe in your arms.
  • No matter the trials and sufferings He allows you to endure, God can’t get you to break your promises to Him.
  • Your love for God is more faithful than the rising sun.
  • You listen every time God speaks.
  • Even when you see that God hides things from you (i.e. explanations and answers to prayers), you still won’t leave Him.

Can you think of people in the Bible who were that loyal to God?

  • Jesus was obedient to His Father’s will even unto death on the cross.
  • Mary faithfully accepted becoming pregnant with Jesus before she lived with St. Joseph, which could have gotten her stoned to death.
  • St. Joseph trusted God that Mary was pregnant by the Holy Spirit, even though Joseph could have been stoned to death for not turning in Mary for becoming pregnant by someone else.
  • In the old testament, Job still followed and blessed God after everything was taken away from him.

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