Michael John Poirier: The Beauty Blossom

Audio only. Listen to the following story:

Why did Borin pluck up the Beauty Blossom?

  • It was in the way and messing up the plans he had for beautifying the garden.

Why do you think God put the Beauty Blossom in their way?

  • God challenged Borin to grow in the virtues of trust and patience.
  • Virtues beautify the soul, which is far more important than beautifying anything else.

This story is an allegory, which is a story with deeper meanings. What experience in people's life might this story be pointing to?

Here are 3 clues:

  1. Think of something which is like new, unique colors, and is created in the world every day.
  2. Think about what the word Borin sounds like.
  3. If you know Spanish, what Spanish word does “Cinta” sound like?

  • Borin sounds like “Born.”
  • Cinta is similar to the Spanish word “Encinta”, which means to be pregnant.
  • Borin represents all of us who are born and Cinta represents a new life.
  • This story is an allegory for pregnancy, abortion, trusting God’s plans, and forgiveness.