Fr. Chad Ripperger, Exorcist: The Key to Winning Spiritual Warfare

(View segment from 47:17 to 54:00)
What is the key to winning spiritual warfare and beating the devil?

  • Being willing to suffer to do what is right.

What do demons do to try to keep you from being willing to suffer?

  • They use every form of fear possible to scare you away from mastering a willingness to suffer.
  • If you are willing to suffer, to overcome the ‘horror of suffering,’ there is nothing in your spiritual life that you can’t attain!

Does God give you everything you need to fight against sin and demons?

  • Yes!
  • God is in full control of demons and temptations.

What are the key weapons He gives you?

  • He gives you Faith, Hope, Love, the rest of the virtues, and the Sacraments, so that you can win the battle with God’s help.