Wrapping It Up


The poor souls in purgatory, the Church Suffering, need our help now! We can free them from their sufferings through the power of indulgences.

Trust God

Judas Maccaabeus offered a sacrifice
for the souls of the dead.
“In doing this, he acted in a
very excellent and noble way…
for if he were not expecting the
fallen to rise again, it would have
been useless and foolish to
pray for the dead.” – 2 Maccabees 12:43-44

To Do

Memorize the 5 conditions to gain a plenary indulgence for a soul. As a family, commit to fulfilling those conditions the next time you can go to mass, so you can free a soul from purgatory!

Some people strive to go to mass and fulfill those 5 conditions every day, so they can continually free souls.