Facing Overwhelming Opposition

Were the odds against them?

  • Yes. They were overwhelmingly outnumbered.

What finally pulled King Theoden out of his despair?

  • The invitation of Aragorn to ride out with him and face head on the advancing army.
  • Theoden realized that the glory he was made for comes from engaging the battle until the very end, unto death.

When did hope and help show up?

  • Hope rose up the moment Theoden agreed to fight, to draw swords with Aragorn, then the sun started to rise.
  • Help came after they rode out together onto the bridge.

How is this moment in the battle similar to the moment we face?

  • We appear to be losing, overrun by the culture of death and crookedness.
  • Aragorn is a Christ-like figure (he even looks like Jesus of Nazareth!) who challenges us to take up spiritual arms together with Him and fight.
  • When we entrust ourselves and our lives fully to God and ride out in faith, He will strengthen and deliver us.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.” Prv 3:5