Shocked by Our Times

Why was King Theoden standing in such shock?

  • He was overwhelmed by how bad the times had become.
  • He knew his forces were grossly outnumbered.
  • He was confounded as to how things had come to this desperate point.

Who was enlisted to help?

  • Every villager able to wield a sword was sent to the armory for a weapon.

What comparisons do you see between this scene and the spiritual battle of our time?

  • ┬áIn the story, their lives and culture were on the brink of being destroyed.
  • For many of us, we too stand in shock.
  • The culture of death has infiltrated our Holy Catholic Church, families, media, government, schools, businesses, and public institutions.
  • Every man, woman and child must take up the spiritual arms available to each to do his part in the battle.