Wrapping It Up


We can amass a huge spiritual army to conquer the corruption of our age, if we obtain indulgences for the poor souls in purgatory and ask others to join us to do the same!

Trust God

“The prayer of the righteous has great power in its effects.” -James 5:16

Souls perfected in purgatory and then released are perfectly ‘right’ with God, and so their prayers are super powerful!

To Do

  • Save our country! Release souls from their sufferings in purgatory.
  • Teach your kids how to free the poor souls by leading them through the 6 guides on Purgatory/Church Suffering. (You can do a Guide in as little as 15 minutes)


  1. Clean Your Insides
  2. Clean Before You Go
  3. Painful Joy
  4. Stuck in a Burning Car
  5. Carried Around the Bases
  6. Ghost at the Convent


  • Learn together the norms for indulgences and start to merit them today.
  • Share this secret with other Catholics, so they can teach their families too!
  • Watch the docu-drama movie on Purgatory when it is available. Best for teens and older.