The Incredibles 2: Why the Supers Were Forced Underground

In this animated movie, the Incredibles are superheroes who were warned not to use their superpowers because so much damage happened when they helped people. In this scene, they are learning how to finally get people to see the good they do, not just the damage caused.

(View segment from 0 to :41)
Why didn't people want to call upon the Supers?

  • They were only shown the damage and suffering that resulted from the Supers’ “help”.
  • People rarely saw the real enemy or the battle the Supers fought.
  • People were unaware of the lives that the Supers saved.

What is the enemy that is often invisible to our eyes that the Saints help us to fight against?

  • The Devil and his temptations to get us to distrust and disobey God.
  • “Man, tempted by the devil, let his trust in his Creator die in his heart and, abusing his freedom, disobeyed God’s command.” CCC 397.

When the Saints help people to fight against the Devil and his temptations, what is usually the visible result?

  • We often see the sufferings and crosses that these people endure as they run hard to follow Jesus across the finish line of Heaven.

What do we need to see in the lives of the Saints in order to be willing to call on them and imitate them?

  • How their lives were not boring, but instead a great adventure.
  • The joys and victories that they experienced.
  • The thrill of how their sacrifices saved lives and led others to the eternal happiness of Heaven.