Bishop Barron: The Diversity of the Lives of the Saints

(View segment from 3:43 to 5:35)
Why does Bishop Barron compare the many Saints to a light split out through a prism?

Light Through Prism

  • One white light shone through a prism splits into a rainbow of beautiful colors.
  • Similarly, God’s grace shining through our humanity makes each one of us into a new creation of God’s splendor.

When asked what a Saint is, one boy said, 'someone the light shines through.' What do you think inspired him to say that definition?

  • Probably a stained glass window, since often in churches Saints are pictured on stained glass.

Why do you think God wants to show us so many different examples of Saints?

  • He wants us to discover them, be inspired, and allow Him to make us into Saints.