Jim Woodford: Life After Death Experience

In this 3-part video, successful pilot Jim Woodford shares his life-after-death experience of visiting Heaven. Jim had been suffering from an incurable illness. After an accidental overdose of his prescription medications, he was brain dead for 11 hours:

Please note that the Catholic Church doesn’t have a formal teaching on Near Death Experiences (NDE). This video was selected to expand our imagination of what heaven could be like. Though such accounts are fascinating and inspiring, you cannot rely on them as being definitively true. Of the many NDE accounts, some have been found to be untrue or misperceived by the person who had the experience, since their story contradicted what we know is absolutely true from the Gospels and Church teaching.

Part 1

(View segment from 6:37 to 8:17)

Part 2

(View segment from 11:53 to 13:30)

Part 3

(View segment from 20:32 to 24:37)
Does Heaven sound like a wonderful place to be?

  • Yes!

According to his story, did it make a difference how Jim lived his life?

  • Yes!
  • God noted every good thing that Jim did to love God and others.

Did Jim have any regrets about his life?

  • Most certainly.
  • When he saw Jesus face to face, Jesus’ love and mercy was so attractive and precious to Jim, that he wished he had piles of good deeds to offer.

What 2 miracles were told at the end of Jim's story?

  • Even though he was brain dead, he had been able to see that his wife and family were praying for him.
  • He was miraculously cured of his incurable disease.