Prank: Picked Up by the Grim Reaper

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Wouldn't it be a little scary if a black van with that driver pulled up to you?

  • Yes!
  • The driver looked frightening.
  • There was smoke pouring out of the van.
  • The sign on the back of the van said “Highway to Hell.”

Were the ladies who waited with the old man somewhat unsure how to respond to the situation?

  • Yes.
  • Some laughed. Others looked on in disbelief, somewhat stunned.

Why do you think that some were unsure?

  • We know that death is real, and we will all face it some day.
  • We also have a deeper sense placed in us by God that for people who have given themselves over to evil, Hell would be their just consequence.
  • So, some people try to laugh off Hell in hopes that it is not real.
  • Others are stunned by the possibility of Hell, and it makes them reflect on how they are living.