What Happens to Cars That Do Something They Aren’t Made For

**Only play this segment. There is inappropriate language in other parts of this video.

(View segment from 1:27 to 3:25)
What did the cars do that they weren't made for?

  • Drive on water.

Were the cars able to be on water?

  • Yes, they floated, but only for a few seconds.
  • After that, they sank into the abyss.

Was it 'fun' to try to drive on water?

  • Yes! But only for a few seconds.
  • The grief of ruining the car was far worse and long lasting than a few seconds of ‘fun’.

How is driving a car on water a little like mortal sin and going to Hell?

  • Cars aren’t made for driving on water, just like people aren’t made for sin.
  • We may be tempted to the temporary pleasure or satisfaction of mortal sin, but we can ruin ourselves forever.