Fr. Mark Goring: St. Faustina’s Visit to Hell

Some people say that since we don’t know anyone who has been to Hell, we don’t know if it really exists.
Fr. Mark Goring shares the testimony of Saint Faustina who visited Hell and describes what she saw.

(View segment from :59 to 5:43)
According to Saint Faustina, did the souls in Hell believe that Hell existed before they died?

  • Most did not believe that Hell was real!

What was the first torture she described?

  • The loss of God.
  • This is the greatest torture since we are made for God and a soul in Hell loses Him forever.

Can you name some of the other tortures?

  • Perpetual remorse of conscience.
  • One’s condition will never change.
  • A spiritual fire that penetrates the soul.
  • Continual darkness and suffocating smell, while still seeing the devils, the damned, and all evil.
  • Constant company of Satan.
  • Horrible despair, hatred of God, vile words, curses, blasphemies.
  • Torments of the senses.

What impact did this visit have on Saint Faustina?

  • Just like Saint Jacinta of Fatima, she prayed more fervently for the conversion of sinners.
  • She pleaded for God’s mercy to be poured out on sinners.