How People May Not Appropriately Fear the Devil

(View segment from 21:45 to 23:04)
What did the first priest say was the thing that draws people to evil?

  • Power.
  • Power isn’t bad by itself. God is the most powerful, and God isn’t bad.
  • But we are tempted to take power to do our own selfish will, instead of God’s perfect Will.

Do the bad consequences of evil show up right away?

  • Many times we don’t see the bad consequences right away, but they are always there. Always.

How is the devil often shown in movies, and why can that become a problem for people?

  • He is often shown as charming and good-looking, which is the opposite of what he really is.
  • So, we can begin to falsely believe that the Devil isn’t so bad.
  • A healthy fear of the Devil causes us to stay away from his deceptive lies and from all evil.