Prank: A Girl with Powerful Strength

Would it be surprising if anyone had the strength to push a car sideways off of those purse handles?

  • Yes!
  • It was even more surprising that a young girl did it!

Is it surprising that the Devil is afraid of the Blessed Virgin Mary? Why?

  • Yes!
  • Since the Devil is a powerful fallen angel, it is surprising that he would be afraid of any human being.
  • It is more surprising that he is terrified of a humble woman.

Can you think of examples of other people in the Bible who were humble, placed their trust in God, and then God worked unbelievable things through them?

  • Moses parting the Red Sea.
  • Peter walking on water.
  • Judith conquering the Army General Holofernes.
  • Daniel surviving the Lion’s Den.
  • Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego surviving unhurt the fiery furnace. The king’s men who simply got too close to that furnace died of its heat!