A Dad Leads His Daughter In A School Dance

Would Kenzie have been able to participate in the dance contest on her own?

  • No, she needed her dad’s help.

Do you think it was a challenge for this dad to dance in front of everyone?

  • Sure!
  • He had to create and practice the dance routine.
  • Since he wasn’t a dancer and his dance routine with his disabled daughter was unusual, he probably struggled with feeling embarrassed.

What virtues did this strong dad show?

  • Courage. Knowing that some people might laugh at him, he still persevered to show his love for his daughter and enable her to participate in the dance.
  • Humility. Humility is expressed when a person is willing to be vulnerable and show what is true about themself – their weaknesses and strengths. This dad humbly showed the strength of his love and courage as well as the imperfection of his dance.

What gift did Kenzie's dad receive for his efforts?

  • Big smiles from Kenzie.
  • He led her with love, and he got to rejoice in her joy.

What does this strong dad's example teach us about how God the Father treats us?

  • This dad exemplified God the Father’s superabundant help. Especially when we are weak or unable, if we call upon God, He will help us reach higher than we could ever imagine.