A Man Protecting His Son

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Did this dad have time to think about what to do?

  • Not much! He went into “dad mode” and quickly did what he needed to.

Did God give this dad everything he needed to protect his son?

  • Yes! God gave him strength, reflexes, and the courage to accept the suffering caused by protecting his son.

Just like this dad took on the pain of being smacked by the bat to protect his son, what are some of the pains that a strong Catholic dad takes on every day for his family?

  • Sacrificing to take care of his family’s physical needs, and more importantly, their spiritual needs.
  • Enduring the difficulties of respectfully correcting, challenging and encouraging his kids when they are disrespectful or disobedient.
  • Taking on the added load of praying, fasting, and making extra sacrifices for his wife and kids.
  • Courageously working through the extra difficulties of seeking first God’s kingdom when it would be easier to lie, cheat and steal.
  • The temporary sting of self-denial when prioritizing God, wife, and kids above friends and leisure.