The Works of the Priest

(View segment from 9:17 to 12:04)
Does a priest have special powers given to him from God?

  • Yes!

What are some of those powers?

  • To administer the mysteries of God.
  • To bring the Holy Sacraments into the life of God’s people.
  • To call down the Holy Spirit upon bread and wine and turn it into Jesus’ actual Body and Blood!

At what important points in our lives does Jesus give himself to us in a special way through His priests?

  • Our Baptism to begin God’s Divine life within us.
  • Weekly, even daily communion to strengthen and heal us.
  • Regular confession to forgive and heal us when we have disobeyed God’s command to love Him and others.
  • Our marriage or reception of Holy Orders.
  • Our death so that we can be freed of our final sins and prepared for eternity.