Fr. Mike Schmitz: The Word Vocation

What does the word 'vocation' mean?

  • It has the same origin as the words ‘vocal’ and ‘voice’.
  • Vocation is God’s calling on our life.
  • We have to listen for God’s voice as He draws us and attracts us to the good He wants us to do.

What is the first vocation that we are all called to?

  • Holiness!
  • Holiness is God’s essence.
  • God’s essence is self-sacrificing love.
  • So, we are all called to love God and others, which is holiness.

For the second sense of vocation, what are the states of life we could be called to?

  • Married life.
  • Single life.
  • The priesthood or a religious vocation (nun, brother, etc.)

Why do the activities we do in that third sense of vocation change so much?

  • God wants us to grow, and growth means change.
  • God made life to be a great adventure with many challenges to stretch us to become more holy.
  • The more we grow in holiness, the happier we become.