Fr. Mark Toups: The Amazing Way God Called Me

What important thing did Fr. Toups say about his family?

  • His family was committed to the Catholic Faith.
  • His parents were beautiful examples of what it meant to love God.
  • They were faithful in their practice of the Faith.

What was Fr. Toups doing when he heard the word 'Preach'?

  • He was walking in the backyard silently reflecting on the daily mass readings.
  • He was surrounding on 3 sides by sugar cane.
  • He was quiet and therefore able to hear better.

Why do you think the video showed Fr. Toups fishing?

  • First, Fr. Toups probably liked to fish.
  • More importantly, Jesus calls all priests saying, “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.” -Matt 4:19

Why was it important to Fr. Toups that he had had the thought: 'I wonder if that guy is a prophet?'

  • When the guy showed up on the train a couple of weeks later, sat next to him, and looked him dead in the eye, Fr. Toups was more open to what he was about to say.

What was the impact of the guy's words: 'What are you waiting for? You know you are called to do something great.'

  • Those words brought an “utter silence in every aspect of my heart.”
  • It became clear that God was calling Fr. Toups to the seminary.
  • As we heard in the last video, God calls through silence.
  • Silence is a stillness that both attracts us and convicts us with a clarity about God’s Will.