Fr. Mike Schmitz and Fr. Josh Johnson Search for Happiness and Answers

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What was the 1st priest, Fr. Josh, looking for when he was young?

  • Happiness!

How did he try to find happiness?

  • By dating more girls and by giving into more sins.
  • Nothing satisfied the emptiness, the ache in his heart.

When he was a young man, why did Fr. Mike hate the Church?

  • He wasn’t satisfied by the answers he got about the Faith.
  • He began to think that there were no good reasons for what we believed as Catholics.

What changed Fr. Josh's heart?

  • Fr. Josh felt like he heard God say, “I love you,” and it pierced his heart.
  • He was surprised and moved that God would love him even though he had committed so many sins.

What changed Fr. Mike's heart?

  • Fr. Mike was moved by the attentiveness of the very priest whom he had made fun of for weeks.
  • He experienced the ‘joy of being wrong’ as he found deeper answers that at last started to satisfy him.

What question did this 'change of heart' cause both men to ask God?

  • God, what is Your Will for me?
  • That is one of the best questions you can ever ask God!