Prank: Men Pretend to Hate Child Artist’s Portrait of Them

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Is it okay to not like something?

  • Yes!

Was it wrong and rude for those men to destroy the boy's portrait?

  • Yes! It wasn’t theirs!
  • They pretended to not care about the boy’s feelings, which shocked the women who were with them.

If you don't like someone, or if someone causes you to suffer, how should you respond or act towards him/her?

  • You should be respectful and kind.
  • Our Lord told St Faustina, “Have great love for those who cause you suffering. Do good to those who hate you. It is not always within your power to control your feelings. You will recognize that you have love if, after having experienced annoyance and contradiction, you do not lose your peace, but pray for those who have made you suffer and wish them well.”