Fr. Chase Hilgenbrinck: From Pro Soccer to Priesthood

What did Fr. Chase need in order to hear the voice of God?

  • Silence! In the silence of the chapel, and in the silence of his heart, Fr. Chase heard “be my priest.”
  • Silent prayer opens all of us up to hear God’s voice, His perfect plan for our lives.

Did Fr. Chase experience the greatness he had dreamt about?

  • Yes.
  • He had a great girlfriend, money, respect, and he was known.

After receiving the greatness he longed for, what one thing was still missing for Fr. Chase?

  • Peace!
  • In the midst of the greatest happiness that he was experiencing, he still lacked peace.
  • Regardless of the trials or the triumphs on the surface of our lives, a deep peace is a big way in which God confirms His calling.