A Volcanic Explosion

Did the people hear or feel the eruption right away?

  • Nope!
  • The impact of the sound on their ears was delayed by 12 seconds!

Whether or not we see or feel the consequences of our sin, are there always consequences?

  • Yes! When we sin, there is always damage, always an impact on our lives.

How are the consequences of sin like the impacts of a volcanic eruption?

  • Sin does damage to our relationship with God and with the people around us, just like eruptions damage anything near.
  • If you are too near a volcanic eruption, it can hurt you or even kill you. In a similar way, venial sin always hurts you, and mortal sin kills the life of God in your soul.

How are venial sins similar to the tremors that lead up to an eruption?

  • Venial sins dispose us or weaken us to be more willing to commit a mortal sin, just like tremors loosen the way for a deadly explosion.
  • Venial sins cause us to have greater difficulty fighting against sinning again. Then, loving God and others becomes even more difficult.