Incorrupt Bodies

This video shows the amazing miracle of the bodies of some people who died in a state of grace (the opposite of mortal sin):

Can we see with our eyes if someone is in a state of grace, meaning that a person has God’s life fully in their soul?

  • No! Just like you can’t see if a person is in a state of mortal sin, you also can’t see if a person is in a state of grace.

What effects can you see in the life of a person in a state of grace?

  • You will see peace, joy and love.
  • We receive that grace through prayer, good works and the sacraments, which heal our souls and brings us to eternal life.

Why do you think God gives us this amazing miracle of incorrupt bodies?

  • God wants us to see some of the amazing effects on some people’s bodies who died in a state of grace.
  • He wants to increase our faith to believe that their souls are fully alive with Him in heaven!
  • God doesn’t want us to just avoid mortal sin because we are afraid of hell. Through this miracle, He wants to attract us to Heaven.
  • He also wants to tell us that if we are impressed by that, then just wait for Heaven, which is far more amazing than we could ever imagine!