We Were Soldiers: Inspiring Speech

(View Segment from :39 to 2:10)
In what ways is this commander like a strong Catholic dad leading his family?

  • Strong dads battle to bring happiness to their family by getting up early and staying up late.
  • We pray for our families and make sure we watch the backs of our wife and children against the tough and determined enemy: the temptations of the world, the flesh and the devil.
  • We don’t just prepare our families for battle, we battle with you, so that love and self-sacrifice win over sin and selfishness.
  • Like Jesus, we give up our bodies for you, pouring out our life for you through many daily sacrifices. We do this so that you will do the same thing for the love of God and in remembrance of us.
  • Strong Catholic dads make sure that every member of the family comes home together to our final home in Heaven. This is our pledge to you, so help us God!
  • Even if a family members dies, we make sure to pray and offer sacrifices for them here on earth, so that they can make it from purgatory into heaven.
  • We will never rest until we are all together in eternal happiness.