Animated Video: God Delivers Moses and the Israelites from the Armies of Pharaoh

What did God do to protect the Israelites?

  • He put a column of smoke and fire between Pharaoh’s army and the Israelites.
  • He parted the Red Sea so that the water stood up as a wall on either side, and the Israelites crossed over on dry land.
  • God closed back the sea over Pharaoh’s army.

Were the Israelites afraid?

  • Yes! Pharaoh’s army was powerful, and they intended to take the Israelites back into slavery.

Where were the Israelites going?

  • They were going to the promised land, a land promised to them by God as flowing with milk and honey.

What does this story tell us about God's promises in our lives?

  • God keeps His promises, and we can trust Him!
  • God wants to lead us to the promised land of Heaven.
  • As long as we follow God in all things, we can always trust that He will protect our souls from death and many times our bodies too!