Dayalan Sanders and 28 Orphan Children Delivered from the 2004 Tsunami

(View segment from 0:47 to 7:03)

What were some of the miracles that occurred that day?

  • Dayalan said “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ on the strength of the scriptures, to stand still!”
  • The wave stood back and they managed to get away in the boat without the wave overtaking them!
  • The boat’s engine started in 1 pull, when it usually takes 3 or 4.
  • They faced a 2nd wave head on. Their boat was overloaded and the engine power was only 15 horsepower.
  • Dayalan said “In the name of Jesus, … we are coming up!” The boat then raised up over the wave.

How was the tsunami similar to Pharaoh's army?

  • Both the army and the tsunami were rushing upon people and would have overtaken them if it had not been for God’s miraculous intervention.

What similarities do you see between Dayalan and Moses?

  • Both led their people through the sea.
  • Both completely trusted God, and against all odds and in a miraculous way, led their people from death to new life.

If you have time after this session, you can read a more detailed account of this miracle here.