Prank: A Fake Demon in a Church

Why didn't the people notice that the demon statue was actually alive?

  • Since they didn’t see it move, it was easy for them to believe that it was just a statue.

In a similar way, why is it also easy to believe that demons are not real?

  • We often don’t recognize demons moving in our lives, so it is easy to believe they are not real.

When did the actor dressed as a demon scare them?

  • When they were close and unaware, he sprang to life and scared them.

Why do you think the actor had to 'shoo away' people after the initial scare?

  • People eventually realized that though the actor looked scary, he really wasn’t going to hurt them.
  • So, the actor had to shoo them away.
  • In a similar way, we might initially be fearful at the thought of demons, but if we run to Jesus and Mary, we grow in confidence that God won’t let demons hurt our souls when we entrust ourselves fully to Him.