Andrew Ucles Catches a Rabbit Using Snakes

(View segment from 3:50 to 6:47)
What did Andrew put over the rabbit holes?

  • Nets to capture a rabbit.

Did Andrew put all the snakes in the same hole? Why not?

  • No. He strategically placed the snakes in different holes.
  • He wanted the snakes to approach the rabbits from different sides to get the rabbits moving out of the safety and comfort of their home.

After setting the nets and placing the snakes, what was the last step needed to capture the rabbits?

  • He needed to wait patiently!

In what ways is Andrew's handling of snakes to capture rabbits similar to how God handles demons to purify our souls?

  • God strategically allows demons in different places in our lives to move us out of our comfort zones and to cause us to work hard to overcome our selfishness.
  • God waits patiently as we run from temptation, seek to do good, give the best of ourselves, and become more like Him (this is the life of virtue).
  • Through this running from temptation and running towards the good, we fall in love with God and run speedily towards Him.
  • God’s plan is for us to be ‘caught’ by the ‘net’ of His loving Heart and seek to love Him, love others and be with Him in Heaven forever.