Fr. Ripperger Explains How Demons Trap Us by Fear

(View segment from 14:23 to 15:37)
Fr. Ripperger said that Satan starts out very subtly. What does the word subtle mean?

  • To act subtly is to act in a way that is not loud, noticeable or obvious.

How is the way a snake approaches its prey like the way demons approach us to tempt us?

  • Snakes sneak up quietly and carefully on their prey, so that they don’t scare it way.
  • Then, when close, snakes ‘come out boldly’ and strike fast and hard at their prey.
  • Venom from its bite immobilizes, or numbs, its prey so it can’t move, and the snake can then eat it.
  • Demons try to tempt us in an unnoticeable way. If we realize their presence and that we are being tempted, then they try to scare us so that we freeze out of fear.
  • Demons want us to believe that we are not really loved and protected by God. They offer their false promise of happiness by becoming like God through disobeying God. – CCC 398

Where should we run as soon as we realize we are being tempted?

  • We should immediately run with confidence to Jesus and Mary.
  • Freezing with fear allows Satan to control us.
  • Turning confidently to Jesus and Mary for help builds within us the theological virtue of Hope in God, as we trust His promise to love and protect us. – CCC 1817