Fr. Bartunek and Dan Burke Explain Voluntary and Involuntary Distractions

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Why does voluntarily allowing myself to be distracted in prayer do damage to my relationship with God?

  • It is damaging because I am prioritizing whatever is distracting me over my relationship with God.
  • I am instead choosing to put my faith in that ‘distracting thing’ to make me happy instead of trusting God for my happiness.

Does God ever give you times of prayer that aren't a battle?

  • Yes!
  • Sometimes He makes it easier for you to be quiet and focused in prayer, which is a gift from Him!

Why do you think God allows voluntary and involuntary distractions in prayer?

  • Answers vary.
  • God wants us to grow in faith, in hope for Heaven, and in love of Him and others.
  • So, distractions in prayer are gifts from God since, when we fight against them, we exercise our spiritual muscles and actually grow in faith, hope and love!