A Son Willingly Pays His Father’s Debt

Who actually committed the crime?

  • The boy’s father.
What reason did the son give for trying to pay back something to the lady who his father robbed?

  • He felt like the money he received from his father may have come from the robbery.

Can you think of a deeper reason the son may have had for willingly paying for a crime he didn't commit?

  • Love. Out of love for his father, he may have been trying to make right what his dad did wrong.
  • When we love, we are often willing to take on the consequences for a problem we did not cause.

If the lady had only lost the money and the son had found it, do you think the lady would have been impacted as deeply?

  • Probably not. The robbery wasn’t just about ‘losing the money.’ It had an invisible, spiritual part to it.
  • The lady was wounded in her spirit. She felt deeply in her heart a disrespect and a disregard for her dignity as a person.
  • When the innocent son attempted to pay his dad’s debt, he actually repaired some of the spiritual damage done by his dad.
  • The lady felt loved, respected, and cared for by the innocent son, which deeply touched and healed her heart.
  • In this story, you can see that invisible, spiritual things are actually the most important part of our lives.