Fr. Vince- Demons Try to Frighten

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Why are exorcisms on the rise?

  • Because faith in God is on the decline.
  • So, people are leaving themselves more open to sin/evil/demons.

What were the ways Fr. Vince said that people can be opened to the devil?

  • Ties to the occult (playing with spells or ouija boards)
  • Curses
  • Being dedicated to a demon
  • Inviting in a demon
  • Broken relationship (This can be an entry point for the demonic, but only to the extent that people give into things like anger, resentment, bitterness, revenge, etc. These are the various types of attitudes that the demonic feeds on.)
  • Habitual sin (doing a sin over and over without asking for forgiveness or working hard to avoid it in the future)

When Fr. Vince trained in Rome, how many exorcisms did he attend?

  • 40 exorcisms in 3 months
  • That is about 1 exorcism every 2 days.

Was Fr. Vince frightened by the scare tactics of the demons?

  • He said he did hesitate, but he was not afraid.

Why do you think he was not afraid?

  • Because he also witnessed that the exorcist had control over the demons.
  • He knows that God is far more powerful than demons and that God protects those who love and follow Him.