How to Drive on The Beach

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When you drive on sandy inclines with tires at full pressure, what happens to the truck?

  • It gets stuck.
  • It can be damaged.

When you let pressure out of the tires, how does that help the truck?

  • It can climb steep, sandy inclines without getting stuck!

What do you think would happen if you let all the air from the tires?

  • The bottom of the truck probably wouldn’t be raised out of the sand enough, and it would most likely get stuck! (this is called ‘bottoming out’)

How is feeling and expressing our emotions similar to the good practice of pressuring down our tires for driving on sand?

  • Feeling and expressing our emotions helps release our internal pressure and makes us more flexible to keep a better grip on our life.
  • Then, when we face tougher obstacles, we are better able to overcome them and keep moving forward.
  • We don’t want to remove all emotion from our life, or we would ‘bottom out.’ Emotions help raise us up to love and be ‘in touch’ with ourselves and others.2

2) CCC 1769 & 1770