Police Officers Who Laid Down Their Lives to Save the Lives of Others

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What did the police officers do when they realized that shots were being fired at the crowd?

  • They used their bodies as shields to protect others from being shot.

Do you think that some of those police officers went to heaven that day?

  • They may well have gone straight to Heaven for their great act of love and self-sacrifice.
  • Many or all of their sins may have been atoned for since “Charity covers a multitude of sins.” -1Peter 4:8

How is the job of a police officer similar to the job of a priest?

  • Both are called to serve, protect, and lay down their lives for others.

How is the work of a priest different and more important than the job of a police officer?

  • Police officers serve, protect, and sacrifice themselves to save the natural lives of people.
  • Priests serve, protect, and offer Jesus’ perfect sacrifice to save the supernatural life of people, the eternal life of their immortal souls.
  • It is a temporary tragedy if a person’s body dies; it is an eternal tragedy if a soul goes to eternal death, eternal separation from God.
  • Priests give themselves completely to Christ, and through the priests, Christ gives us the greatest gift in the universe, His love and eternal life in Heaven.