The Power of a Tsunami

*Stop at 4:20 since at the 4:21 mark there is inappropriate language.

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Were the consequences of the Tsunami tragic for many people?

  • Yes! 230,000 people died from that December 26, 2004 Tsunami which hit 14 countries.

Were many people unaware of the danger of a Tsunami wave?

  • Yes! For many people, the Tsunami only looked like a large wave, but it overwhelmed the shore and sweep away almost everything in its path.
  • Some of the local people at the beach recognized that it was a tsunami. Knowing its danger, they ran and warned others to run away too.

What comparison can you make between the danger of mortal sin and the danger of this Tsunami wave?

  • Whether or not you can see all the consequences ahead of time, mortal sin can wipe out God’s life in you.
  • Just like the locals warned the tourists about the Tsunami, Jesus warns us to avoid mortal sin and to stay far away from it.

Why is mortal sin far more dangerous than a Tsunami?

  • A Tsunami can only take away our natural life. Mortal sin can take away our eternal life.

Do you have a responsibility to warn people about the dangers of mortal sin?

  • Yes! Since we know the dangers of mortal sin, we need to warn others to stay well clear of it.