An Unbelievable Creature

Can you think of something in nature that totally appears to be one thing when it is actually something else? Check out this INCREDIBLE video:

What can this creature teach us about Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist?

  • Some things can be very different than what they appear to be to our senses.
  • God made the octopus to be able to change its shape, texture and color to appear to be something else.
  • Science still has difficulty explaining how the octopus does this.
  • If science can’t explain the octopus’ abilities that we can see, then surely we can’t expect science to explain Jesus presence in the Eucharist, which we can’t see with our eyes.
  • If God can create a living creature that appears to be one thing, when it is really and truly something else, can’t God also make His living Body and Blood appear to be bread and wine?

One more mind blowing video of this creature.