A Man, His Girlfriend, and Buried Treasure

Part 1: (View Segment from 5:03 to 6:33)
Part 2: (View Segment from 8:04 to 12:27)
Did this man put a lot of effort and planning into his proposal?

  • Yes!

How do you think the woman felt when they unearthed hidden treasure?

  • Really excited!
  • She felt the joy of discovery.

How do you think she felt when she realized that he had buried the treasure in order to propose to her?

  • She was ecstatic and moved to tears.

What was the real treasure they found?

  • They found in each other the greatest treasure: loving and being loved in return.

What does this teach us about how God likes to pursue us?

  • God loves to excite us, delight us, and move us deeply!
  • He wants to draw us to Him by attraction, not by force.