Kim Peek, A Living Google

This particular story reveals more clearly God’s true genius in designing intellect and will to lead us to our highest good, which is Love! Pay special attention to the relationship between Kim and his dad, Fran Peek:

What are some of Kim's abilities?

  • He remembers almost everything he reads.
  • He can read a page in 8-10 seconds.
  • He can name the day of the week for any date you give him.
  • He can read 8 books in a day.

How did Fran use both his will and intellect to love Kim?

  • Fran used his will to choose to love Kim and help him, even when it was hard and when the doctor said “Don’t bother doing it.”
  • Fran used his intellect to understand Kim and his unique needs and to find ways to help Kim thrive.

How did Kim blossom under Fran's loving care?

  • Kim has been able to learn, travel, and interact with people.
  • Kim felt his own dignity and started looking people in the eye.

How is Fran's loving care similar to how God's loving care transforms us?

  • When we turn to God the Father, we can really feel His love, despite our weaknesses, faults, and ugliness, and we start to blossom.
  • When we feel cherished and valuable, we can love and better develop and share our gifts with the world.

The movie Rain Man was inspired by Kim Peek. The name Rain Man came from the Kim Peek character whose name was Raymond, but his younger brother understood it as “Rain Man.”