Lauren Daigle: Loyal

God is more faithful, more loyal, than we could ever imagine. In this video, listen to the lyrics of Lauren Daigle’s song “Loyal”:

This song is based on bible verses about the loyalty of God. What does this song say about God's loyalty to us?

  • He’ll never let us go.
  • We’re forever safe in His arms.
  • We can’t get God to break His promises to us.
  • God’s love is more faithful than the rising sun.
  • He listens every time we speak.
  • Even when He sees what we hide from Him, He won’t leave us.

Can we break our Baptismal promises to God - to love and to follow Him?

  • Yes. God gives us the free will to choose to reject Him, even though it hurts Him, others and ourselves.
  • God waits faithfully for us to turn back to Him.

Can you think of examples where God built His loyalty into all creation?

  • The stars and planets follow God’s specific paths and times.
  • The elements consistently follow God’s laws of nature.
  • Plants follow certain life and growth patterns.
  • Animals in many ways show a loyalty to their own kind and sometimes to other species.
  • People show loyalty in most instances to their family, friends, school and country.
  • People also tend to be loyal to their beliefs, even when those beliefs may be wrong.

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