A Man and a Gorilla

(View segment from 0 to 3:30)

Did Kwibi recognize Damian?

  • Yes! He came out of the bush at Damian’s call.
  • He sat down with Damian and hugged him.

How is Kwibi's relationship with Damian a little like God's relationship with us?

  • God comes to us when we call Him.
  • God has a “deep love gurgle” for us.
  • God doesn’t want to ever let us go.

Part 2: (View segment from 8:29 to 10:28)
In this final part of the video, what further comparisons can you see between Kwibi's loyalty and God's loyalty to us?

  • Like Kwibi followed Damian, God follows us along our way.
  • Kwibi called out to Damian in the night.
  • In 1 Samuel 3, “One night… the LORD called Samuel.”
  • God has an extraordinary bond with us that we can’t even fathom.