Ice Skaters and a Moose

Could the skaters have just left the moose?

  • Yes.

What did the skaters have to do to free the moose?

  • They had to will to do it; meaning, they had to choose to do it.
  • They needed to have the right tool for the job (they had an axe).
  • They needed a good plan. They picked the shortest distance to land so that the moose could be freed the quickest.
  • They needed to put in the effort to break open the pathway for the moose.
  • It took the skaters 30 minutes to free the moose. It took the priests 30 Masses to free the soul in purgatory in Fr Mike Schmitz’s story!

What is the best tool for freeing souls from purgatory?

  • Gaining indulgences!
  • Remember, each day that you receive Holy Communion and fulfill the necessary requirements, you can free a poor soul!

“The holy souls are eager for the prayers of
the faithful which can gain indulgences for
The holy soul’s intercession for the faithful is powerful.
Pray unceasingly for them.
We must empty Purgatory!” – St. Padre Pio